So you want to know
how to get the most from your getaway?

First and foremost, it can be used however you want! Since no 2 makeup kits look the same, its completely up to you how best to utilize it. A few rules of thumb to get you started:


On the Getaway mini tubes:

Just remove the slant tip from the end of the tube and fill with your favorite foundations, concealers,
sunscreen, lotions, anything that itself comes in a tube. Make sure to put the slant tip back on after you're done filling. Finally you will have room for all you liquids in your TSA approved quart sized baggies at the airport.
These make traveling a breeze!

On the Getaway powder shaker:

Just pry off the sifter and use any implement (I like a butter knife) to slowly transfer your loose powders
to your mini travel container! It Can even be used for stick makeup if you don’t use it for powder.

Double ended brushes: 

Remember, these brushes require some care like any other brushes, and must be cleaned occasionally.
They are very good quality, but some shedding is normal. 


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