Nicki Alkire
Founder and CEO  

“I believe people today are busy, and not slowing down any time soon. This mobile lifestyle needs streamlined, innovative designed products that can effortlessly move from office to gym to across the globe."

Nicki Alkire is a hairstylist and makeup artist known in the T.V. and film world for her attention to detail. Born and raised in Colorado, she has always loved to travel and explore new places, while looking her best, of course!

After completing her formal education in hair and makeup artistry, Nicki Alkire has over a decade of experience in the fiercely competitive Los Angeles beauty industry with an emphasis on film and TV.  She is highly regarded for her work as a hairstylist and make-up artist on TV shows, films, and print shoots. Among her most recent TV projects are: 

• Fox’s “New Girl”
• FX’s “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”
• Fox’s “Kicking and Screaming”
• Netflix’s “Wet Hot American Summer: 10 years later”

In 2016,  in recognition for her outstanding achievements in the industry, Nicki was awarded Best Hairstyling in a Commercial or Music Video, at the Hair and Makeup Guild Awards, as Head Hairstylist in the promotional campaign for “American Horror Story: Hotel.”

Nicki has almost 15 years of experience working with a wide spectrum of faces; this experience has provided insight into the way people approach beauty as part of their mobile lifestyles. She channels this foundation of experience, combined with her expertise and knowledge of tools and artistry, to generate innovation – creating products that are stylish and efficient.


the company

Routines en Route represents an alternative to anything in the market today that targets makeup wearers on the move, and I believe my critical point of difference is my background as an artist. The brand is, at its core—a makeup artist’s edit on what is absolutely essential to a complete “beauty system on the go”. 

It’s what you always wished a travel makeup bag would be: super organized, filled with an edited range of essentials and ready to go. 

A sleek travel clutch with s designed components and the “must have” products to keep my customer’s “Routine” intact without compromise.  I refined the Getaway Clutch over the course of the last three years—and it works.”

Routines en Route is a refreshing, new beauty lifestyle brand that delivers a breakthrough design solution for today’s mobile lifestyle.  

The company is launching its first product collection: The Getaway Clutch, a next generation makeup system combining the sleekest designed beauty tools in a slim clutch that slips into handbags, attaches and weekenders with ease. The cutting edge design of the Getaway Clutch marries ultimate style with functionality and has earned a “Patent Pending” status.

With this launch —and the subsequent line extensions— Routines en Route will always lead the industry in innovation that reflects Nicki Alkire’s artist eye: designs that work and products that are edited for sublime performance.