*Why do I need the Getaway makeup Clutch?

I designed the Getaway makeup clutch because I wanted to keep a separate makeup bag for work or travel, but couldn’t afford to buy 2 of everything! I didn’t want to compromise on favorite brands and products, and I believe most women are loyal to their brands. While some brands are now launching travel sized options, they are not always available, and can be tough to find the exact product you want. 

*What makes the Getaway Makeup Clutch different than any other makeup bag?

The Getaway makeup clutch is the first and only product to help you bring smaller amounts of your makeup on the go! Essentially, its a kit with all the tools necessary to divide up cosmetics, which makes it easier to travel with. Why bring a full tube of foundation or your full-sized brushes when you don't have to?

*What are the tubes for?

Unlike currently available empty tubes at drug stores and such, these are appropriately sized for cosmetics. They are for whatever you want them to be, so long as the product has a liquid-cream consistency, such as sunscreens, foundations, moisturizers, liquid concealers, etc. 

*What CAN’T be put in the tubes?

Anything that is a straight-up liquid, such as toners, eye drops, etc. Typically as a rule, anything that comes itself in a tube can be transferred to the Getaway mini tubes! 

*Do I have to use the tubes?

NO! You can customize the Getaway Clutch to suit your needs.

*How do I work this travel eyelash curler?

There is a little plastic lever that pops out on the bottom, voila! You can find it by running your finger alongside the bottom and it will open right up.

*What do I do with this little salt shaker jar?

Good question! It is our Getaway powder shaker, Its for your loose powder. After unscrewing the top, pry off the sifter lid, and then fill as much as you want with any type of loose powder, that includes eyeshadows, talc powder, or setting powders! 

*What if I don’t use loose powder? Can I use the Getaway Powder Shaker for something else?

Yes! If you don’t use loose powder in your routine, you can always use it for thicker cream makeups, such as stick blushes, stick concealers, stick foundations, or even chapstick. If using it for creams, then just leave the sifter lid off and screw the lid on. As with any cream makeups, be careful with heat exposure, it will melt and cause a mess!

*What do I do if my clutch gets too hot and items melt?

This can happen with any makeup bag, and the Getaway Makeup Clutch is no exception. I have found I can put melted items in the freezer for about an hour and they usually can be salvaged. This includes the Getaway powder shaker used for stick makeups! Just make sure to set it upright in the freezer, so it will be set properly.